About the project


The frontend changes rapidly, with new libraries being released daily, and some features achieving full browser support. Likewise, some libraries and browsers become deprecated. What if we had something like a calendar that cataloged all significant events in the frontend world? This would allow us to stay informed about recent news and explore the distant history of frontend. It would be great to have a single comprehensive repository detailing the entire history of frontend development.


I want to contribute and add some new items. Which items will be accepted?
If you think it's important to the frontend community, go ahead and add it. Adding JS libraries can be a tad trickier because if we were to include every single JS package in this calendar, it'd be way too big. I think we should only list the relevant packages here, so you got to decide for yourself if a library is worth adding.
What stack is used here?
Why not Astro, Tailwind, HTMX, HTML, XYZ?
I love those tools but I feel the most comfortable with Vue and Nuxt


  • add more history items
  • search history items
  • reversed chronology
  • jump to a specific year